The Late Hour

Presented by Tim Maryon

The Late Hour

Join us as we traverse uncharted territories, where familiar genres intertwine with avant-garde compositions, creating a tapestry of sounds that will ignite your imagination. From ambient textures to intricate electronic beats, from world music fusions to the ethereal echoes of classical compositions, The Late Hour offers a diverse and eclectic selection that is bound to captivate even the most discerning of listeners.

Hosted by Composer and Pianist Timothy Maryon whose deep knowledge and passion for the unconventional will guide you through this enchanting musical journey. Delve into the mysterious depths of The Late Hour, where the unexpected becomes the norm, and the unexplored becomes your new sonic playground.

Fasten your seatbelts and open your minds as we embark on this mesmerising expedition through the uncharted realms of exciting and experimental music. Tune in to The Late Hour on Frome FM, and let us guide you into the nocturnal wonders of sound.

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