Synth Discovery Network

Presented by Tim H this show offers you a chance to listen, discover and share the music that synths form a part of. Some tracks will be full on synth, others maybe not,

Synth Discovery Network

Synth and electronic based music continues to fill an ever-expanding multiverse of sound.
From synth pop to synth wave, industrial to techno, ambient to acid house and all the bits in between, a few synths put in the hands of brilliant creatives produces some amazing music.

The Synth Discovery Network show provides a place to listen, discover and share some of this music.

If you want to get in touch, share some of your favorite tracks or even your own music then please just go for it and contact us.  For established or new artists, promoters and venues, the show provides a place to showcase or promote an album, track, or event, especially if its local.   Please accept a massive thanks for engaging and being part of the network!

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