Jazz Footprints

Jazz Footprints hosted by Azhaar is a musical jounrey tracing the footprints of jazz around the world, featuring tracks from different styles and countries.

Jazz Footprints

Jazz Footprints is a journey following in the footprints of jazz around the globe. As a singer-songwriter/violinist this is my musical genre. The show also combines 2 of the main themes in my life: music and travel.   It is my  homage to the late Wayne Shorter who wrote Footprints’  His collaborations with musicians worldwide left us with a wealth of inspiring, distinctive compositions! Footprints is the image that springs to mind:  the human journey and the tracks left for us to follow.

Similar to ‘The Songlines’ of the Aborigines where music also formed the map of their ‘walkabout’ journeys around Australia.  As a musician, jazz and world music are the main genres that I have been involved with.  I'll be featuring different styles from many different countries. Also, as we are fortunate to have a great jazz scene in Frome and beyond, this gives me the chance to include musicians I know in the genre and interview some of them!

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