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Frome FM is Frome’s very own community radio station. Broadcast via FM to approximately 30,000 people and online via itunes, Windows Media Player, Google Play and also through Smart Speakers.

The 24/7 schedule is eclectic, diverse and community minded, like Frome we have an open, creative and inclusive ethos. From local climate news and community updates to specialist music shows, we cover a lot of bases. We are also a Community Interest Company so all sponsorship and advertising income goes directly into helping the station be the best possible resource for Frome.

Why Radio

Radio advertising delivers an average of £7.70 return per £1 of spend

Radio is shown to boost ‘brand browsing by an average of 52%

On average radio accounts for 20 hours of listening per person, per week

77% of the public stated they trust radio above other media channels

How FromeFM can help you

  • We broadcast via FM to the whole of Frome (DAB coming soon).
  • Listeners can also hear us via our website, most online radio players, Smart Speakers and most listening apps (iOS and Android).
  • In the last 12 months we have had more than 10,000 plays on Mixcloud and we get more than 20,000 unique visitors to our website per year
  • We’ve engaged with more than 25,000 accounts through our Facebook and Instagram pages over the last 12 months.
  • Frome FM has a great community reach, both on-air and via signage throughout Frome.
  • We run many community workshops, training programmes and experiences from our studios at the Town Hall.

What Our Sponsors Say

“The eclectic mix of programmes available on Frome FM is attractive to me as a sponsor as I can then be sure that my business is reaching a wide range of local people. Being on Frome FM means a lot to me as a sponsor”

Quintyn Howard-Evans. Managing Partner, Cooper & Tanner

Become a Sponsor

Frome FM has some fantastic sponsorship opportunities available. Each giving supporters the opportunity to reach our engaged, loyal, and active listenership and a collaborative brand association with Frome FM.

We're offering the opportunity for local organisations to become a Patron or Partner of Frome FM as well as Show Sponsors or Station Supporters.


  • Your advert on-air at least 6 times a day, every day. That’s 152 plays a month and 1825 plays a year!
  • Show sponsorship for a show on FromeFM, mentions on the show, show jingle and the show listing on frome.fm.
  • Your Logo on the homepage of frome.fm, linked to your website, with optional company bio.
  • Monthly Patron spotlight on all Frome FM social media channels.
  • Your Logo on our promotional banners at all relevant events.
  • FromeFM window sticker.
  • We can produce your on-air advert for free


  • Your advert on-air at least 4 times a day, every day. That’s 121 plays a month and 1460 plays a year!
  • Your Logo on the homepage of frome.fm, linked to your website, with optional company bio
  • Quarterly Partner spotlight on all Frome FM social media channels
  • FromeFM Window sticker
  • Don't worry if you don't have a radio ad already - we can make one for you!

Show Sponsor

  • Mention on the show and the show advert
  • Specific show jingle
  • Your logo on frome.fm, linked to your website
  • FromeFM Window sticker


  • Your Logo on frome.fm, linked to your website
  • FromeFM Window sticker

Email our sponsorship and advertising manager at advertising@frome.fm, or fill out the form.

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