New Show - The Evening Playlist

New Show - The Evening Playlist
May 2024

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For Roger Bell, radio isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifelong passion. From a young age, the familiar sound of Family Choice on Radio 2 being played in his childhood home became the soundtrack to his life. 

Bell's journey into the realm of radio took a more tangible form at the youthful age of 15, when he lent his time and voice to Taunton Hospital Radio as a volunteer. Tasked with collecting requests from patients for The Request Show, he quickly found himself entwined in the fabric of broadcasting. 

Over the years, Bell's passion for radio has taken him on a diverse and enriching path. From commercial stations to the esteemed British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS), he has traversed the spectrum of broadcasting, leaving an unmistakable mark with his charismatic presence and eclectic taste in music.

Now, Roger Bell is ready to embark on his next chapter: ‘The Evening Playlist’ on Frome FM. Drawing 

inspiration from his formative years spent listening to BBC Radio 3's late-night music shows and his own experiences as a musician, Bell envisions a show that combines his skills of the past and his life skills now. 

The show will be broadcast live for two hours every week, and will have two distinct parts - The first hour will be a magazine program, promoting a variety of local events and Frome FM programmes with a range of guests. Whilst the latter hour will be a request-based eclectic music show. ”It’s great music,” He says. “From ambient to world, and everything in between, including Americana, electronica and classical.”

Central to ‘The Evening Playlist’ is Bell's unwavering belief in the power of contemporary music. He exclaims that listeners can expect “any songs from the late, great Chet Baker - however, new music from local and world artists will form the base of the show’s sound. I believe the best music is always now because it's fresh.”

Roger Bell is proving his passion for community and radio, reinforcing the idea that this show is made by the community, for the community. He actively encourages the audience to get involved, and expresses that “I don't have a signature show style yet - that will come with the audience, and guests on the first part of the show.” 

You can listen and get involved with ‘The Evening Playlist’ every Monday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00. You can listen to the show live on Frome 96.6 FM, as well as on demand on the website at Frome.FM. 

There will be an Evening Playlist phone number where the audience is encouraged to get in touch with relevant stories, music requests, or just to say hi at +44 7432156689. Please only use WhatsApp to contact the show.

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